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The following are quotes from social media, phone calls, or emails received about Spark:

Just wanted to say I used the new Spark on the fly this week. Wow. Just wow. Great product. Bye, bye, [Spark Competitor]! :)
— S.T. in FL
Awesome! Love the web based analysis! I have saved SO much time per report now! Good data, much quicker, easier interface [than the competition]! Keep up the great work!
— R.F. in NC
I Love this program! I have been with Spark since the beginning and cannot imagine how much time I wasted before this program came into my Appraisal business.
Brandon you just keep making it better . If people want a TRUE TIME SAVER, Spark has is it. All comps, 1004mc Addendum, Market data etc etc... JUST GREAT.
— R.S. in FL
In the 18 years I’ve been appraising this is the best tool for appraisers since the digital camera. Thank you!!
— M.P. in IL
I can’t tell you how much I like the SPARK software including the 1004MC. The ease of use with understandable commentary and analysis for both competing and neighborhood market, all I can say is it’s the coolest!
— M.M. in NV
I am very impressed with what you have done here. Maybe I am an appraisal nerd, but Spark 1004MC is bada$$ :)
— J.F. in CA
I really like what you have done. Makes me want to work for a few more years, haha. A BIG thank you for this excellent and incredibly useful product.
— B.M. in UT
If there were a Nobel prize in appraising you would get it this year! This thing is awesome!
— G.E. in IL
First, thanks for the extremely quick response, I wasn’t expecting an answer until this morning, awesome customer service
— R.L. in TX
Spark is awesome and a huge time saver for me! It has given me my life back!
— R.H. in NC
Thank you SO MUCH this new update is FANTASTIC!!
— M.M. in CA
First off, I love the new features of Spark, you nailed it. A big time home run, way to go! It simply blows your competition out of the water.
— M.I. in CA
This is amazing! You just saved me 30 minutes per appraisal!
— E.S. in CA
Thanks again for this wonderful tool and your fantastic, personal customer support.
— J.S. in NC
I wanted to send a little note and let you know how impressed I am with the new Spark. It really is something special.
— R.M. in CA
I’ve been using Spark and really liking it and I’ve canceled my [competitor] subscription.
— D.H. in IL
The only reason I made my decision to get back into SFR appraising, is due to your amazing software. Now the risk/reward is more favorable, and with the fees increasing, I feel it is now a reasonable opportunity.
Thank you so much for advancing our profession!!!
Not only have you created very powerful software, but you also have the best, and quickest customer service!!!
— M.P. in WA
I have tried every single regression and importer program that Total offers in their store, as well as a few others not in the store. Spark and TrendSheet 4 are by far the quickest and easiest to use out of all of them. I’ve finally found a program that I want to stick with, and that works like it is supposed to.
— D.B. in VA
Love Spark! I have a secretary who does data entry for me on a piece by piece basis. I noticed that I have paid her on average $1,000 less a month since I started using Spark, and that at the same time that we have gotten even busier!
— P.D. in CA
Just let me say THANKS so much for getting my MLS on board!
This is the best time saving tool I have discovered in a long time.
The best part is the simplicity of it.
I watched the instruction video one time, followed the instructions, did my search, loaded my comps into my report...all on the first try.
There is literally no learning curve.
I can promise I will be a customer.
— L.K. in Florida
I am so impressed with Spark! It was so easy to download the file from the MLS and the import to TOTAL was seamless. I was particularly happy with the option to customize many of the fields.
You truly have a superior product with Spark.
— D.R. in NJ
I’ll never go back to not using Spark. I produce more now than I ever could without it!
— K.T. in Arizona (phone)
Thank you again for “SPARK” it has been saving me so much time!
— T.C. in California
Everything is working fantastic on Spark. It saves me at least an hour per report. The reason it saves me so much time is because it was produced by an appraiser who knows what we have to do for the repetitive nature of our business.
— S.L. in Arizona
You just captured the entire appraisal world’s attention with SPARK!
— B.C. in LA
It saves a ton of time and increases accuracy (no transposing numbers, etc).
— P.D. in CA
Just wanted to let you know that I love the new/added features in Spark. I estimate it’s cutting my average report time by 30 minutes or more. Plus an important aspect of what you’re doing is alleviating the mental drudgery of this business.
— J.K. in CA
It’s like going from a reel tape measure to a laser measuring device...I’ve been using TrendSheet and Spark for the past couple months; there’s nothing like having your 1004MC mostly filled out, 2 years of data and graphs for review, and having 12 comps mostly imported all within minutes.
— L.L. in AZ
Far superior, easier to set up and use, and much faster than the competition.
— P.B. in TX
I’m really impressed with Spark and have been using it daily!
— N.C. in IL
I love Spark! It’s been a huge boost to my workflow. Keep up the good work. Your products are amazing!
— M.G. in FL
Very user friendly. I had it up and running quickly. It saves a lot of time.
— P.S. in CA
I subscribed a little more than 1 month ago, and have found your Spark and TrendSheet tools to be wonderful aids. I know the quality of [my] work is much improved.
Thank you for the advice detailing how I could get later comp additions into my reports. This is great!
Best of all, your tip describing what the little up and down arrows on the TOTAL tab bar do! This allows me to place the addendum page on the second screen and dispense with the parallel use of a Word document - a crutch I’ve been using since 2003.

Thank you again for your great products!
— S.A. in IL
You guys are one of the most stand up companies I’ve encountered in the appraisal industry!
— J.M. in CA
Your product is the best I have seen, hands down!
— D.M. in CA
It Worked!!! Thanks so much for helping me out. It is so much easier than [your competitor]. I am liking it a lot!
— D.H. in AZ (email)
“I wanted to let you know that I love your products and that includes Spark and TrendSheet. Amazing stuff.”
— E.B. in CA
Spark is awesome! (You stole me away from a competitor)
— P.M. in TX
I have been using Spark for a month now and love it...saves me a lot of time. Thanks for the quick reply on a Friday night!
— J.D. in NJ
As always, awesome customer service. Thanks!
— R.L. in TX
Thanks, Brandon! Don’t ever off-shore your support because currently it is outstanding!
— D.F. in MN
Thank you Brandon. What amazing support!
— B.E. in WA (email)
Looks great! Another great job!
— S.C. in IN
Thanks so much for the very quick responses I always get from you. :)
— K.K. in MO
Wow! I just came across Spark yesterday. Thanks so much for this product and for TrendSheet, I can’t believe I didn’t know about them earlier.
— S.B. in UT
This looks awesome! I am using Spark now - what a powerful addition!
— R.F. in NC
Thanks for that information, didn’t realize those options were available. Your products are outstanding, the support even better. Keep up the good work.
— M.S. in NJ

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