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TrendSheet 4 - OR / RMLS
139.00 150.00

**For TrendSheet 4 to work with RMLS you must have Excel 2007 or newer

Export your Data

When you perform a search you need to get that data into TrendSheet 4 by first downloading or exporting it to your computer from RMLS. These are the instructions for exporting your search information from RMLS into a file that is saved onto your computer (you can skip this section if you already know how to export):

  • Once you are in the search results you want to export click the 'Check All' link toward the top.
  • After all results have been selected go to the 'Select Report' drop-down and choose 'Export'.
  • In the 'Select an export definition' menu select 'Export Residential'.
  • Verify that 'Include photographs?' and 'Deliver file overnight?' are UNCHECKED.
  • Click 'GO'.
  • When prompted, click the 'Download' button.
  • Then click 'Save' or 'Save As' but be sure you know the name of the file and where it is located on your computer.

Verify that the search you are exporting includes every type of listing (active, under contract, pending, closed, expired, canceled, etc) for at least one year back from the effective date you're using. The further back you go the more likely you are to include pertinent data. I recommend 2.5 years since TrendSheet 4 analyzes two years of data at a time.

**Once the export file is downloaded, open the file 'TrendSheet-v4_OR_RMLSMacro' which is an Excel file. Simply click the top-left button, choose your export file when prompted, and it will alter your export file to be compatible with TrendSheet 4. The data will also automatically be copied so all you do next is paste it into TrendSheet 4 in cell A57. 

If you need help with getting TrendSheet 4 into TOTAL or pasting your data into TrendSheet, the below video will walk you through that process. In this video I show you how to copy and paste the data, but in RMLS all you have to do is paste since it has already been copied (see previous paragraph).