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The following are quotes from social media or from emails received about TrendSheet:

We have been using this for three weeks, and I can’t stop saying that this is worth whatever it cost. Makes the data so much more usable. Home run.

It literally saves me time on every report. One of the aspects I like the most is when I need to remove an outlier, or update the data, it is automatically reflected in the report. It lends great confidence to making time adjustments since all the data is automatically broken down. Like I said home run, and would gladly recommend this to any appraiser that likes to save time, improve data, and make more money.
— J.B. in Florida
I am completely hooked and in love with TrendSheet now!!!!
— M.C. in Florida
It takes so little time to populate the 1004MC. It is impressive. Good Work :)
— A.B. in Florida
I have tried every single regression and importer program that Total offers in their store, as well as a few others not in the store. Spark and TrendSheet 4 are by far the quickest and easiest to use out of all of them. I’ve finally found a program that I want to stick with, and that works like it is supposed to.
— D.B. in VA (email)
I have watched many of your videos and TrendSheet is a fantastic program. You can easily support your comments in the sales comparison, neighborhood, and market sections of the URAR. In addition to watching your videos and gaining insight into TrendSheet, I have learned a lot about alamode. Your video shows many alamode functions in a clear manner. Thanks again for your great product and the very clear and concise explanations.
— C.N. in California
You really do have all the bases covered...I applaud you on the great customer service.
— R.G. in Florida
Used it on my first report this morning and it worked really well. Really sharp looking too!!
I’ve canceled my subscription with [REDACTED] and am using only TrendSheet.
— T.F. in New York
It is just what I have been looking for. Now I will tell you that I have tried HomePuter, Dynamo MC, Savvi, and and none of them work as well or as easy as your program.
— S.S. in Indiana
I am sure you hear this all the time, but, it worked first time I tried it...I exported 2.5 years of sales data...and instantly had usable data for the time period I needed. I could not be more pleased, and it saved a considerable amount of time.
— N.H. in Florida
Exciting Excel Sheet shows you the BIG Picture of your housing market based on your own MLS Download, works with all appraisal software and imports / auto-populates into alamode’s Total.

Brandon Reich , the creator, has created several video tutorials on how to use this sheet - and that’s a Huge Plus because other sheet creators expect you to figure it out on your own. Plus, Brandon was easily accessible and willing to talk.
— B.C. in Louisiana
It’s like going from a reel tape measure to a laser measuring device...I’ve been using TrendSheet and Spark for the past couple months; there’s nothing like having your 1004MC mostly filled out, 2 years of data and graphs for review, and having 12 comps mostly imported all within minutes.
— L.L. in Arizona
Thanks again for the AWESOME help and support.
— N.C. in Utah
In my first trial run with TrendSheet 4 - it’s proven to be flexible, easy to use and impressive. Great job!
— T.D. in WA (email)
TrendSheet is a great tool. Thank you for offering this!
— J.U. in Iowa
When I add a comp to TrendSheet, or change the effective date; and see all the various parts of the report update I get a big sense of relief. This is great stuff!
— S.A. in MRED
I watched your YouTube videos on TrendSheet. Very impressed!

I feel sure there are several hundreds of appraisers in this area that would really enjoy and utilize TrendSheet. I’ll become your official spokesperson in this area!
You are the man!
— R.G. in Texas

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