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TrendSheet - Detailed Overview


TrendSheet 4 Features

New feature Dynamic Commentary just added to TrendSheet 4 and provided to all existing TrendSheet 4 customers at no extra cost!


TrendSheet is a market analysis, sales grid analysis, and automation tool designed for residential real estate appraisers that works with any form-filler (most features). TrendSheet 4 is our newest product and the video above shows TrendSheet 4's features (see our TrendSheet 3 page for media related solely to that older version of TrendSheet). TrendSheet can either be integrated into a la mode's TOTAL appraisal software or it can be used as a stand-alone spreadsheet if you use any other form-filling software. In order to provide accurate calculations for competing properties and the defined broader neighborhood, TrendSheet 4 utilizes data you export from your own MLS system. TrendSheet 4 also utilizes data from your sales grid in TOTAL to perform paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis on your comparables.

Features noted with (*T*) below only work when TrendSheet is utilized within a la mode's TOTAL software.

Features noted with (*4*) below are only available with TrendSheet 4 (not TrendSheet 3).

Save Time, Reduce Typing Errors, and Increase Consistency

  • Using your MLS data TrendSheet automatically calculates your 1004MC numerical data.

  • *T* TrendSheet automatically transfers your 1004MC numerical data to your appraisal form. No more manually typing those 27 numeric fields into your 1004MC!

  • *T* *4* TrendSheet 4 now includes Dynamic Commentary which adds comments to your 1004MC that are customizable and dynamically change based on your market data.

  • *T* Auto-transfers the competing listing and competing sale totals and range into the top of Page 2 of your appraisal form (Page 3 for condominiums). This works with the exterior forms as well (2055 and 1075). This prevents ever having inconsistent data between Page 2 and the 1004MC.

  • *T* *4* When used with data from the entire neighborhood (not just competing data) TrendSheet auto-populates the low/high/predominant and price fields on Page 1.

  • *T* *4* When using the condominium form and data specific to the Subject's condo project, TrendSheet will automatically populate the condo specific numbers in the 1004MC.

  • *T* Integrates into your digital file to become a part of your work file.

  • *T* *4* Tool to calculate a value conclusion from the sales comparison approach based upon user-defined weighting and the appraiser's sales grid.

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Greater Understanding of Competing Data and Neighborhood Data

In addition to calculating the 1004MC data, Trendsheet also provides the following data for competing properties, the entire neighborhood, and the condo project (when applicable):
  • Additional housing supply data (including the current supply of housing based upon sales over the past 6 months and 12 months).

  • High/Low/Predominant price and age.

  • REO and short sale information (including number and percentages) for sales and listings to assist in determining trends.

  • Calculations for median price, average price, and average price per square foot by period. Analysis includes percentage change per month calculations.

  • Calculations for median price, average price, and average price per square foot excluding distressed sales (REO and short sales) by period. Analysis includes percentage change per month calculations.

  • *4* Regarding the above three bullet-point features, TrendSheet 4 calculates two years of data at once and does it quarterly in addition to the 1004MC periods. Prior year to current year differences are also provided.

  • Percentage change per month is color-coded to provide a visual cue to the user as to the direction and amount of change (this is easily customizable so the user can pick at which point the color changes to show increase, stability, or decline).

  • *4* Percentage of sales with concessions is provided quarterly for the past two years.

  • 1004MC data and sales price trends are provided not only by period but also for the past one month and the total for the entire year.

  • Two scatterplot graphs are provided showing the sales prices over time for all sales.

  • *4* A total of 40 graphs (20 for competing property data and 20 for data from the entire neighborhood).

Adjustment Indicators

TrendSheet provides adjustment indicators based upon a multiple factors. Most adjustment indicators are provided based upon price per square foot, average price, and median price. There are three different methods of arriving at these adjustment indicators.

The first, aggregate differences (also known as grouped or category analysis) is based on your MLS data and is calculated from both competing data and neighborhood data. The second and third are paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis and these two are based on your actual sales grid. TrendSheet 4 will only perform them on the comparables that you tell it should be included in the analysis. *T* Paired sales and sensitivity analysis are only available when used within TOTAL. Below is the list of all adjustment indicators that are provided in TrendSheet:

  • *4* GLA - Aggregate differences (using average price and median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • *4* Lot size - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • *4* Age - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • *4* Bedroom count - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • *4* Bathroom count - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • *4* Vehicle storage - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price), paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Single-level vs Multi-level - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price, paired sales, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Distressed sales - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price)
  • Swimming pool - Aggregate differences (using $/sqft, average price, median price)

Sensitivity analysis is a method of determining or verifying an adjustment factor by assuming that the best possible adjustment is the one that results in the smallest range of adjusted values (tightest grid).

Paired sales analysis is already widely understood but TrendSheet 4 performs paired sales analysis by comparing each comparable against every other comparable (you tell TrendSheet 4 which comparables to include in the analysis) and utilizing preliminary adjustments you've already made. Click here for a video going into detail on how paired sales and sensitivity analysis are calculated in TrendSheet 4.

Aggregate differences analysis is a method by which one group of properties is compared to another (e.g. homes with a pool versus homes without a pool). Also included in TrendSheet are details including how many sales there were for each type and what the average GLA is for each type (e.g. average GLA of a single-level home compared to the average GLA of a multi-level home). Even if the price difference between two categories does not provide a good adjustment factor, there is a lot of information that can be obtained about the market by analyzing this data. Check out our YouTube video that goes into detail on this section and how to understand what the data might be telling you.

Extensively Tested

TrendSheet has been tested extensively since December 2013. I am an active appraiser and use it on nearly every report I complete, I have several beta-testers throughout the country, and TrendSheet is tested daily by all of our active and on-going users. If you ever encounter what you believe to be an error in TrendSheet please contact us immediately so we can work with you to determine the issue. If there is an error in TrendSheet it will be fixed immediately and a new version will be sent to all users who have provided their contact information to Choice Valuation (by purchasing on this website).

Unlocked and Unlimited

TrendSheet is a fully customizable spreadsheet that can be used as a stand-alone spreadsheet or, if you are an a la mode TOTAL user, you can integrate it into TOTAL using the Worksheet tab. TrendSheet has not been locked in any way so that you, the user, can alter it to best suit your own needs in your appraisal practice. This includes changing the look, the formulas, removing features, or adding your own features.

When you purchase TrendSheet you have a license to use it on all of the supported devices that you personally use (e.g. your PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) and as many times as you want. Since you can use it all you want, THERE ARE NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES or other associated fees other than the initial, one-time purchase price. The license is for one user only. If you would like to purchase TrendSheet for an office with multiple users please contact us for pricing options.

***Over time, our goal is to add features to TrendSheet that are based upon appraiser feedback which is exactly what happened with our newest version of TrendSheet (TrendSheet 4). When a new version is released users will have the option of either continuing to use their current version at no additional cost or they can purchase the newest version to receive all the new features (your old version will continue to work whether you purchase the new version or not). We will always make videos showing the new features so you know exactly what you're getting prior to purchasing.

***TrendSheet 4 is designed for use with single-family residences and condominiums (not multi-family properties) and it is specifically designed to work accurately with UAD reports. In non-UAD reports the paired sales and sensitivity analysis may not function correctly. 

In certain areas TrendSheet may not function correctly for condominiums. This is typically the case in MLS systems that have a completely separate search for condos where features and fields are not the same as typical single-family properties. We are aware of two areas where this is an issue and we have created instructions specific for those systems in order to have full functionality with condominiums. If you experience a problem with condo functionality let us know and we will work to correct the problem (typically this involves having a separate condominium export in your MLS).

Other Benefits

FILTERS - All of the lower data fields in TrendSheet are filterable (sortable) in order to help you find invalid MLS data, outliers, missing data, or to just get a better idea of the data in each listing category.

RETROSPECTIVE APPRAISAL ASSISTANCE - See our video called Get the Most out of TrendSheet 4 at about the 2:32 mark for details on using TrendSheet when completing a retrospective appraisal to easily determine what listings were available at a certain point in the past.

Visit our YouTube channel for videos detailing the features of TrendSheet and how to use it or you can go to our Requirements & Instructions page for more details on how to use TrendSheet. You can also go to our Coverage Areas page and click on your area and MLS system at the bottom of the page in order to get details on creating the custom export/grid you'll need for TrendSheet to work.