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Background and History

As any residential appraiser knows, the past several years have seen big changes in how we report data, especially when it comes to appraisals for loan origination purposes. Due to these changes I found myself not only running a statistical report in MLS to get the 1004MC data but calculating a lot of other information as well, depending on the available data for competing properties (i.e. submarket). If my submarket was small I might need to calculate other information to get a good read on what typical marketing times are and whether the supply of housing really was an over supply, in balance, or a shortage. Also, if there was a sizable number of distressed sales (REO and short sales), how were they affecting my value trends? 

There are some good and fairly powerful products out there to assist appraisers in really understanding their market but I found that no matter what software I tried, I could not find anything that gave me all that I was looking for on one page, that was customizable, and would also auto-populate my 1004MC for me. 

This is what lead me to create TrendSheet. It started as a simple template provided by a la mode to calculate 1004MC information with a couple formulas I added to show percentages of REO sales and short sales along with price per square foot. Slowly, I began to see what this could become and began adding more and more features until it is what you see today. With the new version of TrendSheet, TrendSheet 4, I've added even more functionality allowing you to see potential adjustment indicators based upon a variety of methods, far more graphs, and a more in-depth market analysis (click here for the video on TrendSheet 4's features).

Being an appraiser myself and having managed appraisers all around the country I also understand that real estate appraisers are vastly varied in what data they like to see and analyze, which is part of the reason I made TrendSheet completely unlocked. This way you can customize it all you want just as you would customize any typical, unlocked spreadsheet.  

Below you can see the iterations TrendSheet has gone through (click to enlarge the picture).

TrendSheets 1, 2, and 3

TrendSheet 4


If TrendSheet 4 does not work in your area, click here for TrendSheet Lite which works in nearly all MLS systems.