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Creating a Custom Export for use in the Triangle MLS System (Paragon)

  • Once in the results of a search, click the green 'Reports' button.

  • Under the Spreadsheets folder choose any spreadsheet you don't normally use because you're going to be modifying it.

  • Click 'Customize' and then 'fields'.

  • Verify that the class is 'Residential'.

  • Name it 'TrendSheet 4'.

  • Remove all categories on the right except for MLS # and Status (assuming those are there).

  • Add the following categories from the left to the right window until the list on the right window matches the list below exactly (including the order). If you don't see the field you're looking for, change the 'Group' from 'Listing' to 'Feature' or 'Feature Categories'. Also, sometimes Paragon puts some fields at the very bottom of the list even though they're not in the correct order alphabetically so check the bottom of the list as well.

    • MLS #

    • Status

    • List Price

    • Sold Price

    • Status Date

    • List Date

    • Closing Date

    • Days on Market

    • Contract Date

    • Special Circumstances (this field is under the Feature Categories list)

    • Special Conditions (this field is under the Feature Categories list)

    • Total Living Area SqFt (or whichever GLA field you prefer to analyze)

    • Design (this field is under the Feature Categories list)

    • Year Built

    • Pool (this field is under the Feature Categories list)

    • Financial Concessions (this field will not calculate accurately due to how this MLS exports and is currently turned off in TrendSheet but keep it in your list in case something changes and we're able to add this functionality in the future)

    • Approx Lot SqFt

    • Bedrooms

    • Full Baths

    • Half Baths

    • Garage

  • IMPORTANT: Once the list is complete and in the above order, verify that all boxes are unchecked for every row in both the 'Short Lbl' and 'Short Val' columns.

  • Click 'Save' and you are done.

How to Export your Data

  • Verify that the search you are exporting includes every type of listing (active, contingent, pending, closed, expired, canceled, etc excluding rented) for at least one year back from the effective date you're using. The further back you go, the more likely you are to include pertinent data. I recommend 2.5 years since TrendSheet analyzes two years of data at once. 
  • Click 'Export' then 'Export to CSV'.
  • Select 'All listings'.
  • Choose 'TrendSheet 4' from the drop-down and click 'Export'.
  • Save the file by whichever file name and into whichever folder you prefer (depending on browser settings you may not be given the option to choose the file name/location).

The last thing to do is copy and paste the data from the export into TrendSheet 4. If you need help with this please check out our video on the topic: