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TrendSheet 4 - GA / FMLS - Fusion
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Creating a Custom Export for use in the FMLS/Fusion System

  • First thing you'll need to do is get into the results of a residential search.
  • Once you're in the results of a search the 'Grid Manager' icon will appear (it's on the same row as the 'Map' icon. Click on 'Grid Manager'.
  • Select 'Create New Grid'.
  • Name the grid 'TrendSheet 4'.
  • Click on each of the following categories individually and click the Right Arrow each one to get them to appear in the right window. Once you are done, the categories will appear on the right side of the window and they must be in the same order as below:
    • FMLS#
    • Status
    • List Price
    • Sales Price
    • Status Change Date
    • List Date
    • Closing Date
    • Total Days on Market
    • Binding Agreement Date
    • Special Circumstances
    • Square Footage
    • Stories
    • Year Built
    • Pool on Property?
    • Lot Size
    • Main Bedrooms
    • Upper Bedrooms
    • Lower Bedrooms (*Only Main and Upper bed/bath counts are included in the bed/bath calculations but all fields need to be included in the export)
    • Main Full Baths
    • Upper Full Baths
    • Main Half Baths
    • Upper Half Baths
    • Lower Full Baths
    • Lower Half Baths
    • Parking Description
  • Once the list is complete and in the above order click 'Save' and you are done.


How to Export your Data

  • Verify that the search you are exporting includes every type of listing (active, contingent, pending, closed, expired, withdrawn, etc but not including leased) for at least one year back from the effective date you're using. It is better to go further back than one year to verify that all relevant listings are included so I recommend going 2.5 years back. **DO NOT get expired or withdrawn listings prior to 2011 since these will result in inaccurate date (this MLS system did not require certain dates be entered prior to 2011 and these missing dates is the reason for the problem). 
  • On the results page of your search, click 'Tools' (There are two 'Tools' buttons so make sure you click the lower one that is on the same row as the 'Map' and 'Grid Manager' icon).
  • Select 'Export Data'.
  • Verify that 'All Records' is selected.
  • For 'Data Export Format:' you should select 'Comma Delimited'.
  • Do not select 'Compress File'.
  • For 'Select Export Grid Format:' choose the custom export you made which should be called 'TrendSheet 4'.
  • Check the box for 'Include Column Headers' and click 'OK'.
  • Save the file by whichever file name and to whichever folder you prefer (depending on your browser settings you may not be given the option to choose the file name/location).

The last thing to do is copy and paste the data from the export into TrendSheet 4. If you need help with this please check out our video on the topic: