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Below are the instructions you need for the one-time setup of your export file in ABoR / ACTRIS. **In this MLS you DO NOT need to complete the custom export setup for regular residential properties. This is ONLY  necessary if you will be exporting rental comps.

IMPORTANT: If you are exporting COMPS THAT ARE NOT RENTALS, skip down to the 'How to Export Your Data' section below. 

When the one-time file setup is complete (for rentals only) and you're ready to start using Spark, click here.  If, for any reason, you have trouble with the file setup in your MLS contact us here for assistance.

Please contact us immediately if you ever experience a problem with the listing information not being entered correctly into your report.

Creating a Custom Export for use in the ABoR / ACTRIS Matrix system

MLS export files that are uploaded to Spark must be in a specific format in order to provide both accurate data and all possible fields.

Follow the instructions below to complete the one-time setup for Spark in the ABoR / ACTRIS Matrix system.  Contact us here if you have problems with the file setup and we'll be glad to help.

  • NOTE: THE FOLLOWING PROCESS OF CREATING A CUSTOM EXPORT IS FOR RENTAL/LEASE PROPERTIES ONLY. For anything else skip down to the 'How to Export Your Data' section below.

  • Hover your mouse over 'My Matrix' and select 'Settings'.

  • Click on 'Custom Exports', choose 'Lease' from the drop-down, then click 'Add Export'.

  • Name the export 'Spark' (at the top of the screen).

  • IMPORTANT: Verify toward the bottom that 'Label' and 'Comma' are chosen. The 'Label' button is TO THE RIGHT of the word 'Label'.
    Looks like this:      None ( )     Label (●)     Name ( )
    No need to enter a description.
  • Click on each of the following categories individually and click 'Add' after each one. As you do each one, the categories will appear on the right side of the window.

    • # Baths Full

    • # Baths Half

    • # Baths Total

    • # Beds Total

    • # Fireplaces

    • # Garage Spaces

    • # Parking Spaces

    • # Stories

    • A/C

    • Acres

    • Address

    • ADOM

    • Agent Remarks

    • Appliances/Equipment

  • Once you have added Agent Remarks, left-click on 'CDOM' and hold down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard. While holding it down, scroll down to the bottom of the list and left-click the very last field in the list.

  • This should have highlighted all the fields in between and you can now let go of the 'Shift' key.

  • Left-click 'Add' and this will move over all of those fields that were highlighted.

  • The list is now complete and you can click 'Save' which will complete the setup.

How to Export Your Data

  • Verify that the search you are exporting includes the sales/listings/rentals you want to put into the grid(s) of your appraisal report.

  • On the results page of your search choose the listings/sales/rentals you want included (using the check box to the left) or click 'All' if you want all of them.

  • Click 'Export' which is on the bottom row of buttons.

  • FOR SALES COMPS AND LISTINGS: Select 'All Fields' from the drop-down then click 'Export' and skip the next step which is only for rentals.

  • FOR RENTAL/LEASE PROPERTIES: Select 'Spark' from the drop-down then click 'Export'.

  • Save the file by whichever file name and into whichever folder you prefer (depending on browser settings you may not be given the option to choose the file name/location).

  • Now load Spark by going to and follow the steps.

Note: Spark can input a maximum of 30 properties for each grid (sales grid/listing grid/rental grid) and a maximum of 10,000 for your 1004MC files (Competing and/or Neighborhood File).

IMPORTANT FOR MULTI-FAMILY: Spark does not fully support multi-family in this MLS due to limitations in how this MLS exports multi-family data. However, there is a work-around to get some of the multi-family information into your report. Simply export the information like normal (use the ‘All Fields’ export method). Then choose the 1004 form in Spark. Even though the 1004 is chosen, it will still load the data into your 1025 or GP Multi-Family form. It will load as much data as possible into your report given that Spark does not have support or have access to all the multi-family data in this MLS. Keep in mind that some data, including individual unit information, will not be available and some property feature information (e.g. pools, fireplaces, etc) that works fine for SFR and Condos may not be exported from the MLS the same when it comes to multi-family. Be sure to verify all of the information.