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Open and Transparent Development for Appraisers!

At the launch of Spark we've decided to make the development process completely open to appraisers (or anyone). We want to make a product that you actually want to use not just what we think you want. I'm an active appraiser myself and we've made Spark based on what I think an appraiser would like to see but I realize that appraisers everywhere are very different and we want to be flexible and change based on you're asking for. 

Using our Trello board/forum you can see what we're working on in the moment, what's in the pipeline to be worked on, ideas for future improvements, and potential bugs to fix. 

Not only can you see what we're doing but you can actively participate by posting your own ideas for future improvements, changes you'd like to see, areas you'd like us to add to Spark's coverage, possible bugs in the software, and you can also vote on any of those items. By adding comments and voting you will be actively influencing the development of Spark! Click here to see it now.

How can I view and participate in the development process?

To participate in our open development of Spark go to our Trello board here. You do not have to create a Trello account to simply view our board but you will need to create a free Trello account to actively participate. The link to create the free account is on tour main Trello board.

Does it matter?

Absolutely! We are constantly monitoring this board since it's the same one we use every day for developing Spark and letting each other know what we're working on.

For example if you want us to add the Tucson MLS (TARMLS) to Spark's coverage area go to the Trello board/forum and make sure it's on our list of upcoming areas. If not, then tell us by adding a comment in the 'Ideas?' section. If TARMLS is already on the list then vote for it. The more votes an area has the higher up on the list we'll move it so get other appraisers in your area to vote too and typically our next coverage area to be added will be the one from the top of that list. 

What if there is something with Spark I think should be changed immediately?

If you are ever experiencing an issue with Spark that needs immediate attention or is impacting the results in a negative way please contact us here immediately so we can take care of it right away. An example of something urgent would be if the website is down or very slow or if the results showing up on the screen do not appear to be accurately translated from your MLS.

Will you do everything we ask for?

No, probably not. We have to consider what's feasible for us and what's in the best interest of all of our users but during the initial development of Spark our testers gave us a lot of feedback and we have either implemented all of it or included it all in our list of items to do.