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TrendSheet 4 Return Policy:

We encourage everyone who is intending to buy or has already purchased TrendSheet to check out our YouTube videos here to get an idea of what exactly TrendSheet looks like and how it should work. You can also click here to see what other appraisers are saying about TrendSheet. If you believe that TrendSheet does not work as described please contact us immediately so that we can fix the issue. In the event that we cannot make TrendSheet work as we have advertised within 72 hours of you contacting us we will issue a full refund. Contact us at if you believe that TrendSheet is not working as advertised.

That being said, if you decide you do not want to continue using TrendSheet anytime within 14 days of purchase we will offer a full and complete refund. 

By using our products you agree to the following:

The product is provided 'As Is' for information purposes only and is not meant to replace the user's judgement in determining trends, adjustment factors, and other neighborhood/market characteristics. The metrics provided are intended to assist the user in understanding the area being examined and should not be construed to indicate when an adjustment should be made or what adjustment should be made. Choice Valuation, PLLC and its members expressly disclaim any warranties regarding accuracy or completeness and disclaim any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or warranties based upon course of dealing or usage in trade. The report is fully customizable as a spreadsheet so the user can alter calculations as they see fit although the calculations utilized are considered to be accurate and any changes should be made with care. If the user believes a calculation to be inaccurate they should immediately contact Choice Valuation for assistance in determining if and how the formula should be changed. 

The product purchased is for use by one person and is not to be shared or copied for use by others unless permission is given in writing by a member of Choice Valuation. The purchase of TrendSheet constitutes license for use by the purchaser only. Copies are authorized if they are for the same user (e.g. access to the product by the same person on multiple devices). In the case of package purchase for multiple users, the number of authorized users will be agreed upon prior to purchase and the number of agreed upon users are authorized to utilize the program. The purchase of TrendSheet includes a lifetime subscription to that version of TrendSheet. This entails unlimited use and access to any updates to that product for the life of the product. Please note that this subscription does not include free access to new products (i.e. if TrendSheet 3 is purchased this does not mean the purchaser will get TrendSheet 4 for free).

Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided to Choice Valuation is kept confidential and private and will never be distributed to any other party for any reason. This information will only be utilized to contact you regarding your order. Secure payment information is never given to or seen by Choice Valuation or any of its members.