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TrendSheet Version3 - FL / Daytona Beach


TrendSheet Version3 - FL / Daytona Beach

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This version of TrendSheet is for use with the InnoVia MLS system in the Daytona Beach Area, FL


Immediately after completing the checkout process you will be directed to a page with the download link for TrendSheet. You will also receive an email within minutes that has a download link for TrendSheet. The download is a .zip file (compressed file that consists of two files). Once downloaded, double-click (open) the .zip file and you will see two files within it. Copy these two files to wherever you want to keep them on your computer. 

**Some features are not functional in this version due to limitations with the how data is entered in the InnoVia system in this area. Non-working features are: aggregate calculations for single-level versus multi-level**

If, after using the product, you see that there is a certain statistic that you would like included but is not in TrendSheet, feel free to contact me and I will create a custom version for you. I will charge $50 or more (depending on the complexity of the feature you would like added) for customizations that are not related to what MLS system you use. Remember that TrendSheet is an unlocked spreadsheet so if you feel comfortable creating your own metrics then you are free to customize the product in any way you see fit.