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TrendSheet Requirements and Instructions

While the instructions below and on the specific market pages seem long and possibly complicated it's only because the instructions are extensive down to every mouse-click for those who are not familiar with exporting data and creating custom exports in the MLS system. The following three bullet-points are what you need to do to use TrendSheet: 

  • As a one time only setup, you need to create a custom export in your MLS

  • Every time you use TrendSheet you export your MLS data (one export for competing data and one for neighborhood data if you want TrendSheet to analyze both)

  • After exporting your MLS data, you copy and paste it into TrendSheet and enter in the effective date

**For TrendSheet Version 4 - If you are using the aggregate differences analysis you also type in numbers to tell TrendSheet which categories to compare. When utilized with TOTAL, TrendSheet will also provide paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis which only works after you have typed up your sales comparison grid and made the initial adjustments.

The Details

TrendSheet requires you to export data from your MLS system into a form that is 'readable' by TrendSheet. In order to do this you have to create a custom export (also called a 'grid' in some MLS systems). You only need to do this one time and once it's done, this custom export will allow you to export your data from MLS into a form that TrendSheet can understand. You then just copy and paste the export into TrendSheet.

On our Coverage Areas page click on your area and MLS system for details on creating the custom export that works specifically with your MLS system. 

You can click on these links to see the video on creating a custom export and the video on copying and pasting your data into TrendSheet for details. You can also click here for our Youtube channel with several instructional videos and videos for getting the most out of TrendSheet. 

What you need for TrendSheet to function correctly: 

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (or newer) - **If you are using TrendSheet within TOTAL then any version of Excel, Google Docs, or Libre Office will work no matter how old.
  • In order for TrendSheet to calculate correctly you must have a version of TrendSheet that is designed for your MLS system. 
  • If you want to take advantage of TrendSheet's ability to auto-populate your 1004MC numeric fields (along with many other fields of your appraisal form), to calculate paired sales and sensitivity analysis (if using Version 4), and to have it become a part of your appraisal's digital file you must be using a la mode's TOTAL form-filling software. Paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis will also only work completely accurately when used in a UAD report.
  • Works with SFR and Condo properties only (not multi-family)

Click here for our Coverage Areas page to find out if TrendSheet works in your area and for instructions specific to your MLS system.