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TrendSheet Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need Excel and if so, what version will work?

TrendSheet does not require Excel if you are using it within an a la mode TOTAL report. If this is your situation, all you need is a way to open up your MLS export file which, depending on your system, may require any spreadsheet software (Excel - any version, Google Docs, Open Office, Libre Office, etc) or possibly just Microsoft Notepad (included with Windows).  If you're not using TOTAL, then you will need Excel 2007 or newer.

2) Why is the data from TrendSheet not transferring to my appraisal report?

When you purchased TrendSheet you downloaded a .zip file. Inside that .zip file were two files: one Excel file and one .xml file.  The .xml file must be in the same folder as the Excel file that you're using in your TOTAL report. If it's not in the same folder, the data will not transfer to your report. Also, if you renamed the TrendSheet 4 Excel file then the .xml file name must be changed to the same file name as the Excel file. Click here for a video showing how to do this.

3) Okay, I bought what do I do?

First, if you're an a la mode TOTAL user, see the above question. Next, if you purchased TrendSheet 4, go to our Coverage Area page and click on your MLS. When you do, you will see instructions for how to set up the custom export and at the bottom of the page will be a video showing how to get TrendSheet into your report (if using TOTAL) and how to get your data into TrendSheet. If you're using TrendSheet Lite, click here to go to our TrendSheet Lite instructions page.

4) How do I get TrendSheet 4 to auto-populate the condo section of the 1004MC?

In order to calculate the condominium project information and have it transfer to your report you have to do a separate export in your MLS for just the condo project. You then paste that MLS export data into the 'Condo Project' tab of TrendSheet. Click here for a video showing how to do this.

5) Why is nothing calculating for the aggregate differences analysis?

In order for adjustment indicators to show up in the aggregate differences (grouped) analysis section you have to tell TrendSheet 4 what two groups of properties to compare. For example in the GLA section type in a low GLA and high GLA for Range #1 and a low and high GLA for Range #2. This will define the two groups of properties and result in calculations taking place. If you do this and still no calculation shows up that means that there is no data that matches your category from your MLS export. IMPORTANT: This feature does not work with TrendSheet Lite. Click here to go to the applicable portion of our video (you don't need to watch the whole video).

6) Why is nothing showing up for the paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis indicators?

For paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis indicators to work your sales grid must be filled out including your preliminary adjustments and you must type a 'Y' next to every comparable that you want to include in the adjustment analysis (on the 'Sales Grid' tab this includes cells B10 through  B18). Click here to go to the applicable portion of our paired sales and sensitivity video (you don't need to watch the whole video).

7) Why does the Garage/Carport section show 'Unable'?

TrendSheet 4 is unable to calculate the Garage/Carport paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis when there is a combination of properties with garages and carports in the sales grid. This is due to an inability to accurately and consistently determine how much of an adjustment is attributed to garage versus carport. If none of the properties have a carport the adjustment indicators will calculate or if none of the properties have a garage the adjustment indicators will calculate.

8) TrendSheet is overwriting all of my Spark data! How can I turn off the links in TrendSheet that are overwriting the Spark information?

You have two options. First, you can simply contact me  (click 'Contact Us' in the main menu above) with some proof of your purchase and I'll send you a new copy of TrendSheet with all of those links removed.

Second, if you have customized TrendSheet for your own purposes and don't want to have to redo all of that customization, simply watch the video below where I walk through the process step-by-step so you can unlink your own customized TrendSheet.

9) How do I delete the data that I pasted into TrendSheet if I want to start over or if I made a mistake?

You have two options. What I've found to be the easiest is to simply click the 'Open Existing Worksheet' button while you're in the Worksheet tab and load a fresh TrendSheet in. This will avoid any possible mistakes in deleting and re-pasting in the data.

However, if you've already done some things in TrendSheet that you don't want to lose then you can do the following:

-Scroll down to cell A57 and left-click it but do not let go of your mouse button when you click it.

-Now scroll horizontally to the right until you get to the red double-line.

-Once you're there, continue holding down the mouse button and scroll all the way down until you reach the end of the data you pasted in.

-Now let go of the mouse button and if you did it correctly you'll see all of the data you pasted into TrendSheet highlighted.  

-Hit 'Delete' on your keyboard.

-Left-click on cell A57 again and paste in your new data.