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**Update from a la mode**

UPDATE (8/10/2015): The newest version of TOTAL that just released today fixes the issue! Thanks everyone for your patience in waiting for this to get resolved. I've tested it out now by removing the Comps 10-12, 7-9, and 4-6 pages and it has no effect at all on TrendSheet 4. All formulas are still in place and working just as they were meant to!

UPDATE (8/5/2015): a la mode told me today that they now have what they believe to be a fix in place and it is being beta-tested. If all goes well I expect that the fix will be in the next TOTAL update that we get (fingers crossed). 


There is currently an issue that a la mode is aware of regarding the case when you delete either your Comparables 4-6 page or your Comparables 7-9 page from the contents of your report. If the last TrendSheet tab that you viewed just before deleting either one of those comps pages was either the 'Competing', 'Neighborhood' , or 'Condo' tab then TOTAL will erase some of TrendSheet's formulas which will result in incorrect market results. *The bad results will be obvious because what were numbers will now become blank cells or zeros.

Please note that this DOES NOT take place when you delete comparables. It only takes place when you delete an entire comparable page (4-6 or 7-9). 

a la mode is aware of the issue and has stated that they've prioritized it and it will be fixed in a future software update. This is not a problem with TrendSheet but an issue with TOTAL. 

**How to avoid the problem until a la mode fixes it: 

This situation of formulas being deleted is guaranteed to be avoided if you change the tab you are on in TrendSheet to one of the last two tabs (the comments or disclaimer tab) BEFORE deleting either of those comps pages.

I am really sorry to everyone for this issue but I'm confident a la mode is addressing it.  If you find that you deleted the Comps 4-6 page or the Comps 7-9 page and were not on either of those last two tabs when you last viewed TrendSheet then you will need to reload TrendSheet completely in order to correct the problem.

Please call or email me if you have any questions about this.